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Leading manufacturers of Chemical resistant Glass Flake and GRP Laminating Linings. 



Welcome to the Sprayglass International Ltd website. Sprayglass International specialises in the manufacture of a range of chemical resistant Glass Flake and GRP Laminating Linings suitable for application to both Metalic and Concrete substrates. Our range of spray and trowel applied linings provide long term maintenance free protection to new and reclaimed plant.


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The Sprayglass International name and products date back to the early eighties.


In 1988 the company joined the RPM Group where its products and laminate lining services helped the group expand and establish itself as a specialist coating company within the power generation, petrochem, pharmaceutical and water industries.


The coating manufacturing side of the business has since re-emerged under its old name to market their range of glass flake coatings and grp laminate linings.


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