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About Us

The Sprayglass International name and products date back to the mid seventies.  In 1988 the company joined the RPM Group where its products and laminate lining services helped the group expand and establish itself as a specialist coating company within the power generation, petrochem, pharmaceutical and water industries. The coating manufacturing side of the business has since re-emerged under its old name to market their range of glass flake coatings and grp laminate linings.

Chemically Resistant & Robust

The Sprayglass range of corrosion resistant linings can be tailored to suit specific chemical environments through the selection of the most suitable base resin from a range of thermosetting resins and combining them with various types of fillers and reinforcements to produce erosion resistant linings capable of resisting a wide range of chemical environments. The range of products extends from glass flake reinforced linings and coatings through to heavy duty laminate systems for both concrete and steel substrates.


  • Manufactured in the UK from raw materials produced in Europe
  • Short lead times from order to shipment
  • Technical back up from technicians experienced in both manufacture and application